Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

15 Months

15 months old!
just barely started throwing little tantrums
she can run-- fast!  She is into anything and everything.  Opens every cupboard and drawer and take eveything out and put it back in.
She talks while she moves and plays- says dada, "a-ti", tickle,
Has a fascination with bonking head against the wall.
Scared of the vacuum.
Needs to be reminded to turn around when going down stairs.
Her hair is getting long!  Most days has it pulled to the side in a sassy pony tail.  Long enough to do pig tails, but it hard to get her to hold still long enough to do it.
Likes going down the new slide got for Christmas.  Opening and closing cupboards.
Loves bathtime.  Sydney stands up in the corner and plays with bath toys or cups and talks/yells!  She is very vocal.  Not sure if its because she can make her voice echo in the tub.
For the most part sleeps through the night.  Sleeps 7pm-8am.
Lately we discovered she likes hummus.  Likes drinking out of CamelBak water bottle.
Has really been interested in our phones and carrying them around.
Uses random objects to use as a "phone" banana phone, spoon phone
Loves books and she wants to sit in your lap to read them.
Has mellowed down and is such a sweetheart.  I'd almost say she has moments where she is a mommy's gir and I LOVE it.  She is much more snuggly now.

Together:  starting to play together- make each other laugh by playing peek-a-boo and hitting their heads.  They pass things back and forth between high chairs.
Play together before going to sleep.  Throw everything out of their cribs, swing the blinds, bonk heads against the wall, giggle and talk.  For naps they play for about 30 min before going to sleep.
They both Love reading  books right now. They will pick up a book and bring it over and ask want to sit in lap and read it.  Sydney wraps her arms around my neck (and it melts my heart everytime)

just started walking after Christmas.  Started really taking off on New Year's Eve while we were at Wolf Creek. Prefers walking, although he does crawl sometimes.
Likes to knock down the tower blocks.
Likes crawling through the tunnel.

Babbling and making lots of noises- especially da da da.

Is so adorable and such a little flirt!  We are in the process of weaning and sometimes he is excited to drink out of a bottle.  Loves playing with the curtains (even at church) and playing peek-a-boo with them.
Is really good about turning around and going feet first down the stairs.
Loves bath time and has started playing on his tummy.
Also thinks its funny to bonk his head against the wall.
Loves to eat food in his high chair.  Loves bananas for breakfast.  Loves crackers, bread and carbs! LOL  Is still a little chipmunk--- he packs a lot of food in his mouth, then can't swallow it, so he spits it out.
Likes to put things around neck,-- strings, cords, necklaces.  He really likes doing it with the leash of the little dog toy and crawling/walking around with it.
Loves the little girafe trike got for Christmas.
Love reading books.  Will carry a book over then sit down in lap to read it.
LOVES doggies.  Started with a doggy magnet and obsessed with it then moved to doggy pillow pet got for Christmas.
IS really into cars and trucks and watching them at the window in the living room.  He likes watching our neighbor Rey across the street pull his big truck out of the drive way in the morning and come home at night.

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